Can Coaching Change your Life?

Can Coaching Change your Life?

I have been in the Coaching world for a short time but I have already heard many people say phrases like ” Coaching has changed my life” , or ” now I see everything more clearly” . It’s true, and I’m proof of that myself. Coaching has changed my life.

Just a year ago I was working as a jurist in the legal department of an engineering company, who would have told me then that months later I would be taking my first steps as a Melbourne Business Coach? True, my work past and my career as a coach do not seem to have any relation; Well, this is exactly what Coaching is about. Among many other things, Coaching helps us see more clearly, helps us to find meaning in what we do.

When I decided to quit my job I did not know what would happen to my professional future and, I do not deny it, this caused me some anxiety. But my decision was made, something did not work and I needed to solve it.

Can Coaching Change your Life?

At that time I was very curious to know more about Coaching so I started a course without knowing where it would take me. The training exceeded my expectations and helped me find what I had been looking for all these years. I was very excited, there was no one to stop me, so with what I learned I started an interesting Coaching process  that consisted of the following:

  • I started by setting an OBJECTIVE , by then I already knew what I wanted: ” Be a Coach”.
  • Once I defined my objective well, I looked for the VALUES  that are behind it. This led to great surprises; after this goal I found great values, my values, those that until then no work had given me. More than that, values ​​helped me not only to remember what is really important to me (both at work and in life) but also to remind me of who I am and to be able to act accordingly, to take charge of my life.
  • After the values ​​I analyzed the possible OBSTACLES that I could find on the way to my goal.
  • And finally, I worked on my LIMITING BELIEFS , (those ideas, thoughts or opinions that we have about reality but that are not reality in themselves and that condition what we do) I found a few, and I worked on them until I surpassed them.
  • In the end, thanks to this coaching process, I was able to draw up a detailed ACTION PLAN to achieve my goal.

All this helped me to see clearly what I wanted and how I was going to get it, I had never had such clear ideas. And here I am, today I’m a Coach, I’m creating my own website, I’m still training and I live according to my values, which has made my life much more pleasant, more intense and happier.

Sometimes we do not know what we want but we know that we need to change something, or we know what we want but we do not know where to start. I did not know what I wanted when I left my job, but I knew I needed a change. Coaching helped me discover what I wanted, paradoxically, to be a Coach, but it could have been anything else. The important thing is to clarify ideas and find solutions, and that’s what Coaches are for, to help us with their questions to find the good answers.


Author: Deanna Pierce

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