3 Feb

This past week the Auvi-Q became available with a prescription from your doctor. I was able to get my hands on one Thursday morning after my pharmacy ordered it. I know personally I have been super excited for the Auvi-Q to come out because of the different features it has. Just like the Epi-Pen, the Auvi-Q comes in a pack of two with a trainer.

2013-02-03 01.05.29I took the Auvi-Q over to my mom’s office to show her after I picked it up. She had not been very comfortable with the idea of a different auto injector especially after how many times we have relied on the Epi-Pen this year. I was shocked to see how much she liked it and everyone in her office took turns looking at it and using the trainer.

2013-02-03 01.05.47

This product is still very new, but I decided to do a little pro/con list on the Auvi-Q…


I LOVE the size of this! It fits perfectly into my pockets which makes me feel very comfortable having it so close. I was able to stick it in one of my scrub pockets without anyone being able to notice. It is actually smaller than my phone and weights about the same as my phone. I was also able to wrap my hand around it and really get a good grip on it.

2013-02-03 01.06.39

The trainer is a gray color while the actual Auvi-Q is very bright! I definitely think this will help people not get confused by which is the trainer and which actually has the medication in it.

The outside case comes off easily, but not too easily that it always slides off. I was nervous it may come off and without me wanting to, but so far it seems nice and snug where just a gentle pull will get it off.

2013-02-03 01.12.51

The voice is loud and clear. It calmly gives the exact directions and seems to go at a perfect pace. If you do not want to waste time listening to everything it says you can move at your own pace and give the injection. It also has flashing lights (red and green) that show the outer case has been taken off.

You do not have to swing and jab! You place it against your leg and then inject it. I hate the anxiety of the swing and jab! I think being able to place it against the leg and then press in will make me more comfortable.

With the coupon from their website you can get the Auvi-Q for only $25! I had them check what it would cost normally and it came to $65 with my insurance for the two pack. Normally my Epi-Pen two pack is $50 so they are in the same price range.


I think the major con is how little marketing has been done on these. Of course I realize it is a new product, but it made me a little nervous when neither my primary care physician or our pharmacist had ever seen one or even heard of it. I was able to get it by asking for the prescription from my primary care, but she did not know what it was. I would love to do marketing for this product because I think they have missed a huge target market. If the pharmacists are dispensing this to people they should know what it is and how it works. All the people at my pharmacy looked at mine after I opened it.

While I like the size, I can also see how it can easily be lost. I am definitely going to need to remind myself to make sure to take it out of my pockets. It would be very easily to accidentally stick it through the washing machine!

2013-02-03 01.12.34

Overall, I think the Auvi-Q has a lot of really neat features. It seems much more user-friendly for people who did not like the size of the Epi-Pen or were afraid of not knowing how to use it. I will definitely be carrying this in my pocket at work for my own comfort however I am still going to carry my Epi-Pen for a while. All of my friends know what to do with the Epi-Pen and recognize the name. People often ask me if I have my Epi-Pen and until they know about the Auvi-Q I want to be able to answer yes. I would hate to have something happen and people have no idea what the Auvi-Q is and what to use it for.

Has anyone else gotten their Auvi-Q yet? Let me know what you think about it!

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7 Responses to “Auvi-Q”

  1. Kendra March 16, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    We tried the Auvi-Q trainer last week at the allergist’s office. I have suggested that it would be better for my husband than the EpiPen, which he often forgets. However, I do have concerns about the lack of awareness about it at this point. There will be a definite need to educate his friends coworkers about the Auvi-Q.

    I am also concerned that my 8 year old had a tough time with it. The verbal prompts were great for him. The design makes sense to him. However, he did have a bit of trouble removing it from the sleeve at first. He also does not have the hand strength to remove the plastic safety guard once it’s out of the sleeve. That means that I will also need to stick with the EpiPen because I am often the only adult with the kids and there is a chance that they may need to inject for me at some point.

    Have you heard from anyone that has actually had to use the AuviQ? I am wondering how the feel of the real thing compares to the trainer.

    • Behind the Reaction March 16, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

      I do not know anyone that has used their AuviQ. I had it during my reaction this past week, but went with my Epi-Pen instead. I am not sure why I used my Epi-Pen instead of my AuviQ, but I think the familiar feeling with the Epi-Pen helped.

      You have very valid points about the AuviQ. I was surprised how tricky it was to remove the cap and safety guard. Also, all of my friends and family know what my Epi-Pen looks like, where it is, and how to use it so switching to something new is kind of intimidating!

  2. Ana Phylaxis March 17, 2013 at 6:31 am #

    Great post! I recently blogged about my Auvi-Q as well (see … so I’m thinking if we, as a community of those who carry it around with us, continue to talk about it the word will begin to get out!

    I’ve already showed the Auvi-Q to a number of my friends and family with gusto! Some of them carry their own eip-pens and those folks were making an appointment with their doctor to get their own.

    As with anything new, I believe we all need to be cognizant that change can be difficult for some people. I still have my traditional epi-pen at the office … I keep it out in the open so that my team knows where to find it. I figure when the time comes to replace that epi-pen, I’ll introduce Auvi-Q to all of them.

    In the meantime, I’m carrying around the super-mini Auvi-Qs in my purse :-)

    • Behind the Reaction March 17, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

      I need to start showing it to more of my friends and family! Today I went by the fire station to thank the guys who responded to my reaction the other day and they had never heard about or seen the AuviQ. They said if they were to see it they would throw it to the side and have no idea what it is. After hearing that I will definitely still be carrying my Epi-Pen for awhile. I wonder if most first responders are the same way and have not seen it.

      • Ana Phylaxis March 17, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

        Truth be told, I’m not all that surprised that the EMTs hadn’t heard of it. I think it will take a little time … first doctors have to embrace it; once they do and once Auvi-Q becomes more “mainstream” then I suspect EMTs and the public will embrace it.

        For now … I’m just grateful that the medical community has embraced epi-pens. They will soon learn that Auvi-Q is the “next generation” of epi-pens. They’ll get there!! (I hope!)

        And really … is AuviQ meant for EMTs? They are trained medical personnel … for me, it doesn’t matter how they administer the epinephrine, just as long as they give it to me god forbid I need it :-)

  3. gratefulfoodie March 18, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    I bought my 14 year old son the Auvi-Q but he hasn’t started carrying it yet since I’m waiting on his school getting trained. It takes a bit for change to happen.


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